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Karolyn Howard is a romance writer who resides in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband and their two canine companions. A avid reader of romance novels, she enjoys diving into the past with the creation of her own characters and stories. The Regency Period, with the handsome lords and beautiful ladies continues to beckon. Devil Disguised is her second novel. Her first novel, A Lady's Choice, is also available. Other stories are in the works, including a sequel to Devil Disguised

A fan of Victorian Romance, she was encouraged by many friends and family to write her own stories using her very active imagination. She is grateful and inspired by all the support, encouragement and positive feedback she has received. 

In addition to reading and writing romance novels, Karolyn is a fan of nearly all vampires and science fiction shows and movies. In between working full-time and creating her next novel, she tries to give back to the community and volunteers at a local animal shelter.

I am very excited that my book A Lady's Choice has been so well received.  You can purchase it at Amazon by clicking on the title above. 

Here is a short summary:
Sophie Duncan returned to London with one goal in mind ... to confront the man who carelessly broke her young sister's heart. However, she is surprised when the spectacle she creates in the confrontation does seemingly little harm to the notorious Lord John Hartley, "Hartley the Heartless", but instead brings her to the attention of many of the eligible gentlemen in London. Now all eyes are on her, including William Hartley, John's brother and heir as the Duke of Devonshire. With many men suddenly vying for her attention, Sophie must choose between them, but will she give into her surprising attraction to John Hartley or to a man she least expects? John Hartley enjoyed his position as the second in line to a dukedom. His title and wealth allowed him to pursue many of life's pleasures; however, he did not like to have his past indiscretions brought to the ton's attention by a bold young woman new to the Season. Despite her accusations, the lady, Sophie Duncan, completely captured his attention. Her beauty and actions also garnered the notice of most of the men in the ton, including that of his older brother, William. Will John decide to let go of his pride and his carefree ways in order to win Sophie's affection, and if so, will he pursue her out of his need to compete with his brother, to quench the desire that has become his obsession, or for another reason entirely?

I am thrilled that my second book, Devil Disguised, is now published.  You can purchase it at Amazon by clicking on the title above. 

Here is a short summary: 
A dark cloud hovers over Lady Lily Montgomery. Her future is no longer her own. She is betrothed to a man she cannot recall meeting, and worse; many close to her have perished under mysterious circumstances. For her protection, her guardian sends her away from London to stay with his friend, Lord Duncan Cavanaugh, the Earl of Westbrook. Duncan is not convinced Lady Lily is a virtuous victim and steels himself to unearth what lies beneath her beauty and boldness. Does she orchestrate the tragic deaths of those close to her or is someone covering his or her tracks too well? He vows to solve this deadly mystery and to ignore her charming spell. As he begins to uncover the truth, Duncan must decide if Lily is an angel of misfortune or the devil in disguise.

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