Hopefully, you are here because you have read "A Lady's Choice". Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed the book. I am in the process of writing some new stories and hope they will be available for you to enjoy soon.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why did you decide to write a book?

I have always been interested in writing. I minored in English in college and took a number of Literature and Writing classes. British Literature was always a favorite and I have always enjoyed reading. I was always amazed that someone could write a book. To sit down and think of a whole story along with all the details seemed impossible. Then a good friend wrote a book and self-published it. I was amazed! My husband said I should try to write something. I always told him about my ideas for stories, but never tried to write anything down. So I sat down and wrote a scene where a couple meet in a ballroom. I let some friends read what I had quickly written the night before and they all liked it and they wanted to read more. Wow. Not only was that encouraging, but the pure enjoyment of writing the scene was motivational. I took John and Sophie from that ballroom and into a whole story of romance. It was a wonderful experience.

Why a Victorian Romance for your first book, why not another genre?

I have some ideas for other genres, but the Victorian era just pulled me in. It has such a truly romantic feel to it. Women were courted, men had to sign ladies' dance cards for the privilege of dancing with them and people dressed up and attended balls. Swoon. Then there is the fun of trying to figure out ways to get the couple to share intimate moments or to even share a kiss. The era was a time when public affection was so restrictive, it is fun to get around that in a story.

Did you do any research?

Yes. I was familiar with the time period from the many books I had already read, but my husband bought me two books about the time period and I did some online research. I did not want to go into a lot of detail on the carriages (as there were many options) or clothing as I did not want someone to get bogged down in the details, but enjoy the story. I wanted to honor the time period, but I wanted a little creative license too.

What have been the questions you have received the most so far?

Most people familiar with the genre who found I wrote a book asked, "Is there sex in it?" I still chuckle every time. Yes, of course there is, it is romance after all. I just hope some of my family members can get over the shock of the "naughty bits".

The other question I get a lot, or more of a comment actually is from people not familiar with the genre. The keep telling me I spelled "ton" wrong because I was missing the "w". I have to explain that the "ton" refers to the elite London society or social circle, if you will, of the time period. I tell them my book is fun AND educational.

Finally, the other question has been about the awesome cover design by Alan O.W. Barnes. We discussed covers that I liked and I gave him a very vague instruction to make it look "Victorian". I love it. The colors and images are wonderful and fit well with the inside formatting. It was perfect. He has a website, www.alanowbarnes.com if anyone wants to see his other work or contact him.

What have you learned from your experience?

To edit even more. It truly takes a team of people to read over the story to find all the typos. I have a plan in place for my next book and hope it will come out near perfect.

So, do you have some other books coming out?

I hope so! I am nearly done with another Victorian Romance which has a bit of mystery going on in it. It should keep people guessing while we watch the couple negotiate the danger and their feelings for one another. I also started on a modern romance story. Now I just need more time in the day to get all my ideas written down!

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